Level 5 Diploma in Digital Business Management

Award Body : Advanced Executive Management School (ADVEX)

The Advanced Diploma in Digital Business Management will immerse you in the core principles and practices of transforming businesses in the digital age. You'll explore emerging technologies, innovative strategies, and practical tools to drive change and create sustainable growth. Through a blend of theoretical and practical learning, you'll gain the ability to:

Program Specification

Entry Requirement


Full-time: 9 months

Part-time: 12 months

Modules ( 6 Credit Hour Each)

Prospect Learner and Career Advancement

With an Advanced Diploma in Digital Business Management, your career prospects are bright and diverse! You'll be well-positioned for roles like digital strategist, IT consultant, data analyst, project manager, marketing specialist, or even entrepreneur. You'll have the skills to lead digital initiatives, navigate emerging technologies, and drive organizational change, opening doors in a multitude of industries. This program equips you to be a future-proof professional, highly sought-after in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Tuition Fee

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