Dear Learners,

As the ADVEX School Director, I welcome you to our community, where we provide a world-class education that empowers you with the skills and knowledge necessary for personal and professional growth.

Our faculty are highly qualified and experienced educators who foster a dynamic and innovative learning environment that promotes creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. Our micro-credential programs and higher education pathways prepare you for success in your careers and communities.

ADVEX is licensed and regulated by the Thailand Ministry of Education, and our online education system promotes lifelong learning and personal growth.

We use English as the medium of instruction and our state-of-the-art Learning Management technology provides personalized learning opportunities.

Finally, our institution serves as a learning support center for various universities, offering comprehensive support and guidance to help ensure the success of their students.

Thank you for considering our institution. We are committed to providing you with a transformative educational experience.


Dr. Alex Bordin 

Executive Director

ADVEX Management School (โรงเรียนการจัดการเพื่อนักบริหาร)

Management Team

Dr. Alex Bordin

Executive Director

Tommy Sawatmuang

Chief Operating Officer

Henry Yeo

Finance  Director

Vicky Saengaroon

Academic  Director

Willy Madsa-id

Business Development  Director

Jutarat Rungtim

Business Support Director

Learning Facilitators & Research Mentors

Dr. Jakkrit Thavorn

Research Methodology, Quantitative Method

Dr. Chavolit Pakpianthakolphol

Entrepreneurship and SME Management

Dr. Fred Utanes

Finance and Accounting

Dr. Pichet Benjarongrat

Design Thinking, Talent and Reward Management

Dr. Pailin Samritpricha

Marketing & Hospitality Management

Dr. Elaine Van Wyk

Marketing Management

Dr.Harold Tan

Real Estate and Property Management

Dr. Anurug Ruangrob

Strategic  Management

Dr. Somjai Wongsurit

Project Management

Dr. Jirachayut WiroajchewanI

Human Capital Management

Dr. Worasak Klongthong

Organizational Development

Asst.Prof. Dr. Rose  Wasutida

Marketing & Brand Management 

Mr. Terdsak Suvannamani

Logistics and Supply Chain 

Dr. Thanyatida Gunadham

Information & Technology Management

Tamrerk Nasomyont

AI and Machine Learning / Business Analytics

Dr. Basel Shanin

International Business Management

Dr. Kitjanut Tangjitnusorn

TESOL, Business Communication

Asst. Prof. Dr. Pichart Kaewpuang

Educational Management

Dr. Wutthichai Chongkhamnuensil

Education Psychology, Education Management

Dr. Hoy Leangseng 

Health Care Management, Education Administration

Dr. Nantina Nilayon

TESOL, Instructional Design, 

Dr. Caesar Ramirez Jr

Financial Management, Qualitative Methodology

Md Mafijul Islam

Finance and Accounting, Principle of Business Management

Dr. Rahimee Ibrahim

Business Ethics and Law, Halal Business Management