International Professional Diploma in Business (SCQF L8) 

The SCQF Level 8 qualification provides learners with the flexibility to delve into the fundamental principles of Business Management while also specializing in an area of their choice. Upon successfully completing this program, learners can seamlessly transition into a top-up program with one of our esteemed partner UK universities or elsewhere worldwide through online or in-person study to earn a recognized UK bachelor's degree. Learners who can demonstrate prior learning from similar business-related programs at the same level and with comparable credit-sized units may be eligible for admission under the Recognition of Prior Learning Arrangements. The program is co-delivered  with our Education Partner, ISDC UK.

Entry Requirement


Full-time: 9 months

Part-time: 12 months

Intake Period

Bi- Monthly  

To complete the program, the student will take 3 core modules (20 ECTS Each) 

Core Modules:

and 4 Specializations Modules ( 15 ECTS Each) 

Degree Progression

After finishing the course, students can continue their studies for a degree at ADVEX university's partner institutions in Thailand, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. For more information, please visit the University Progression Page.

Fee : Please refer to our Fee pages.

General Business Management

The General Business Management pathway necessitates a wide grasp of the business world, including marketing, sales, accounting, human resources, finance, and logistics, as well as the ability to lead teams, motivate employees, produce revenue, and reduce costs.

The specialisation is developed to show current challenges, opportunities, and management practises while also providing integrated learning. The General Business Management pathway will equip the learners with critical insights and allow them to advance to positions of leadership.

General Business Management  Modules  (Any 4 Modules)  

Accounting and Financial Management

This specialization is aimed at students who seek a career in finance. This program will equip students with the skills to tackle intricate accounting and financial management problems. The program will provide a thorough grounding in financial analysis, investment, financing, and distribution decisions, along with an in-depth understanding of the FinTech landscape, trends, and its impact on the banking and financial services industries

Accounting and Financial Management Modules     

Marketing Management

The Marketing Management specialization is tailored for learners aspiring to become marketing professionals. This pathway will equip you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of the modern marketplace and formulate effective global marketing strategies. By delving into current trends in digital marketing strategies and social media analytics, this advanced pathway aims to cultivate social media analytics skills by applying statistical procedures and data analysis, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

Marketing Management Modules

Human Resources Management

The Human Resource Management Specialization focuses on understanding the crucial role that human resources play in modern organizations. It delves into various aspects of human resource management, including managing organizational behavior, strategies for motivating employees, and systems for developing and retaining talent. This pathway also explores individual and team development strategies that contribute to improving workforce performance.

Human Resources Management  Modules                           

International Business Management

This specialized pathway is tailor-made for aspiring business managers and entrepreneurs who seek a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the international business landscape. It empowers learners to delve into the strategies and tactics employed by organizations, particularly SMEs, to successfully expand their reach into global markets and effectively market their products or services. This pathway emphasizes the strategic utilization of cutting-edge digital technologies and the exploitation of evolving entry barriers to international markets.

International Business  Management  Modules                           

Tourism and Hospitality Management

This specialization is geared towards learners seeking to elevate their careers in the dynamic Tourism and Hospitality industries. It delves into the prevailing trends and challenges shaping the tourism and hospitality landscape, empowering participants to effectively assess, design, implement, and evaluate future-oriented strategies for navigating competitive environments. The program instills in students a deep understanding of the critical role of customer relationships and customer experience in these industries, concomitantly equipping them with the skills to analyze the key factors that contribute to exceptional customer service. Additionally, this pathway fosters an appreciation for the need for continuous change and innovation within the industry to effectively adapt to external demands, uncertainties, and events that significantly impact the sector.

Tourism and Hospitality  Management  Modules                           

Healthcare Management

This specialization is aimed at learners who want to explore the healthcare industry by acquiring practical experience in the domain of healthcare. The pathway is also open to learners from business disciplines who aim to work in a management capacity in the healthcare industry and who want to take on managerial and leadership roles.

Healthcare Management  Modules                           

Project Management

This specialization is tailored for learners seeking to delve into the transformative role of project management in enhancing organizational performance. It equips participants with the essential project management skills aligned with current principles and practices, empowering them to identify and utilize the most effective project management techniques to advance their career prospects. 

Project Management  Modules