Level 7 Diploma in Management Research Methodology

Award Body : Advanced Executive Management School (ADVEX)

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Elevate your research skills with the Level 7 Diploma in Management Research Methodology! Gain in-depth knowledge of research principles, quantitative & qualitative methods, and ethics through 4 core modules. Conduct your own research project, earn transferable micro-credentials for postgraduate studies, and unlock career opportunities in diverse fields. Enroll now and embark on your research journey!

Program Specification

Entry Requirement


Full-time: 9 months

Part-time: 12 months

Modules ( 6 Credit Hour Each, Research Project is 12 Credit Hour)

Career Prospects and Degree Progression for Level 7 Diploma in Management Research Methodology

Career Prospects:

This diploma opens doors to diverse research-driven careers across various industries, including:

Academia: Research assistants, research fellows, lecturers, professors (with further qualifications)

Government and public sector: Policy analysts, research officers, data analysts

Private sector: Market research analysts, business analysts, consultants

Non-profit organizations: Research and evaluation specialists, program managers

Independent research: Freelance researchers, consultants

Degree Progression:

This diploma's micro-credentials are transferable to ADVEX's partner universities, allowing you to seamlessly progress to:

Master's degrees: Research methods, social sciences, data science, public health, and other relevant fields. This can significantly reduce your Master's study time by gaining advanced credits through the diploma.

PhD programs: Research your chosen field with a strong foundation in research methodology.

This diploma enhances your CV and employability by demonstrating your research expertise and critical thinking skills. It can be a steppingstone to leadership positions within your current field, allowing you to conduct and manage research projects independently. Overall, the Level 7 Diploma in Management Research Methodology empowers you to:

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