Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Management for Policy Maker

Award Body : Advanced Executive Management School (ADVEX)

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This Diploma in Strategic Management for Policy Executives equips the learner with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive as a modern executive. This program explores four key areas: Strategic Marketing Management, Applied Financial and Accounting Management, Human Resource and Capital Management, and Strategic Organizational Management. Through a blend of theory and real-world case studies, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of modern business trends, strategies, and decision-making. You'll learn to analyze markets, develop marketing plans, manage finances, lead and motivate teams, and implement effective organizational strategies. This program is ideal for those seeking to advance in their careers, launch their own businesses, or simply enhance their business acumen. Graduates will be equipped to analyze problems, make effective decisions, and implement strategies that drive success.

Program Specification

Entry Requirement


Full-time: 6 months

Part time: 12 months

Learner can choose to study individual subject as the micro-credential

Modules ( 20 ECTS Each)

Prospect Learner and Career Advancement

With an Advanced Diploma in Management for Policy Maker, your career prospects are bright and diverse! It is your gateway to:

Career advancement: This program equips you with the skills and knowledge that hiring managers seek in top executives. Stand out from the competition and unlock new leadership opportunities.

Enhanced business acumen: Gain a comprehensive understanding of all facets of business, from marketing and finance to human resources and organizational strategy.

Increased confidence and decision-making ability: Learn to analyze complex situations, make sound decisions, and implement strategies that deliver results.

Tuition Fee

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