International Certificate in Business (SCQF L7)

The SCQF Level 7 International Certificate in Business is a preparatory program that equips students with a solid foundation in the fundamental principles of international business management and cultivates essential managerial skills.

This program imparts foundational knowledge that empowers learners to confidently pursue a specialization at SCQF Level 8. It constitutes the first year of a two-year program culminating in the ISDC SCQF Level 8 International Specialized Diploma in Business Management.

Upon successfully completing the SCQF Level 7 International Certificate in Business program, students are strongly encouraged to advance their studies by pursuing our SCQF Level 8 qualification. Alternatively, the SCQF Level 7 qualification can be completed as an independent credential. The program is co-delivered  with our Education Partner, ISDC UK.

Entry Requirement


Full-time: 9 months
Part-time: 12 months

Intake Period

Bi- Monthly

Program Modules ( 20 ECTS Each)

After completing the SCQF Level 7 Certificate program, which takes 9-12 months, students can continue their education and earn an SCQF Level 8 Diploma by studying for an additional 9-12 months. For more information, please visit the Level 8 program page.

Tuition Fee

Please visit the FEE PAGE